Set Requirements

All your Requirements in one place. Validate, set status updates, and organize requirements for any project. Quantitative requirement values accessible through requirement blocks in the Block Diagram

After selecting a project, go to the requirements page by clicking on .

The Requirements page is where all of your project's requirements can be organized and maintained through initial conception, testing, and validation.

Requirement organization is broken down into sections. Within sections, requirements can consist of multiple child requirements, as seen below.

Requirement section with multiple types of requirements and verification methods

Each section you create has a menu accessible via . This menu allows you to:

  • Add and delete Sections

  • Add and delete Requirements and up to 4 generations of child requirements

  • Define a description/statement for a purely qualitative requirement

  • Define a quantity with margins for a quantitative requirement

    • Derive a requirement's value via a pre-existing analysis

  • Choose a verification method

Creating a Quantitative Requirement:

Once a section has been created, simply enter edit mode and click on the + Add Requirement button at the top of the screen to add a new, top-level, requirement. To add child requirements, simply click the +Add Child Requirement button at the bottom of the desired parent requirement.

Creating a child requirement of the parent requirement, Camera Performance

Creating a Derived Requirement:

In addition to quantitative and qualitative requirements, a requirement value can also be set via an output from an analysis from in block diagram. Whenever the output is updated, so will the value of the derived requirement.

Deriving a requirement value from the variable avg_temp_change

Verifying Requirements:

Once you have finished editing a requirement that you have chosen to be verified by analysis, you can then verify the value of that requirement against an output value generated from a block on the block diagram.

Verifying a requirement via an analysis output from the block diagram

Uploading Supporting Documentation:

For the Test, Inspection, and Demo verification methods, it may be necessary to include documentation with the requirement as proof of verification. This can be achieved by clicking the Upload button on the desired requirement and uploading any necessary documentation.

After completing your Requirement entry, proceed to the Block Diagram .