Release Notes

Version 0.9.1

What's New

  • If you've been getting tired of the impracticality, the hassle, and the tedium of manually inputting your spreadsheets into Voyager, look no further. Introducing Import and Export functionality for spreadsheets! The modern solution to a problem that was solved years ago, now available with every copy of Voyager sold! (#254)

  • But wait, there's more! With this special offer, we are also giving away the ability to add multiple sheets to each and every single spreadsheet block at no extra charge! This special offer includes the ability to set outputs from any and all of your sheets at the press of a button. Available now for the low price of already owning the Voyager software. (#580)

Bug Fixes

  • Some menus that were discolored in spreadsheets have been recolored so that they are easier to read. (#294)

  • Phantom sidebar syndrome on the block diagram (where you can't click through a sidebar that isn't even there anymore) has been diagnosed and treated so that you can always click anywhere you want on the block diagram. (#459)

  • There is now 200% more input type validation when utilizing variable blocks to make integers, floats, arrays, and matrices, and we are much better at telling you if the input is valid or not. (#461)

  • Requirement blocks were strictly against moving locations on the block diagram. After a bit of bribery, however, they will now stay in whichever position you put them in. (#465)

  • If you weren't sure what spreadsheet block you were working on, it's probably because the block name wasn't appearing until the sheet was updated. Now the block name will show up as soon as possible. (#501)

  • Removing block outputs caused problems with creating new versions in collaboration. In response, we've added in better handling of block outputs so you can remove those outputs without worry. (#574)

  • If you were having trouble finding the user dropdown menu while a sidebar was open, it’s because it was hiding just behind that sidebar. After a few motivational speeches, the user dropdown menu has agreed to always appear in front of any other elements on the page. (#578)

  • We have a loader at the top of our requirements page! And if you didn't know that, we've made it more visible so that you too can appreciate it in all its glory. (#583)

  • When refreshing the site while inside a spreadsheet block, you may have noticed that all of your data disappeared along with the input and output pages. Oddly enough, this isn't the preferred behavior, so we've decided to now let you keep your data when refreshing a spreadsheet block. (#599)

  • Some spreadsheet output pages were beginning to look like the code in the Matrix, with variables laid over each other, leading to a very confusing page. We've since taken the red pill and cleaned up the page so it only shows the most up-to-date output variables in an orderly fashion. (#600)

  • Array outputs in spreadsheet blocks were not displaying all the array entries on the sheet output page. Now, and for the foreseeable future, they are displaying all entries. (#601)

  • No, the site isn't ignoring you, it's just taking time to process that last command. To better show this, we've added loaders for deleting a project and setting/removing outputs in a spreadsheet. (#527, #566)

Version 0.9.0

What's New?

This update includes a major revamp of the Requirement Tracker Feature within the voyager platform.

  • Track your requirements From kick-off to testing, you'll be able to upload every mission and contract requirement into Voyager. Select whether your requirement is qualitative or quantitative, and assign the desired verification method for each.

  • Upload documentation and data for verification Use any file type to verify requirement progress and completion. Simply upload your photo, CSV, raw test data, spreadsheet, document, or another file, then submit it for approval.

  • Check changes against the latest requirements Link your analyses to requirements for easy use. Any changed analyses will check against the latest requirements, and vice-versa.

  • Derive requirements from completed analysis Run analyses to derive requirements. If any analyses, initial conditions, or manually-inputted requirements are changed, derived requirements will update to align accordingly.

Version 0.8.4

Bug Fixes

  • A single apostrophe added to numpy arrays when inputted into another script nearly caused a catastrophe. But, through some clever philosophy, we've used our technology to fix it responsibly. Please accept our apology. (#544)

  • It is no longer possible to set overlapping outputs in spreadsheets. (#511)

  • As a symbolic gesture for all our Matlab users, we've implemented the SYMS package for all your symbolic calculation needs. (#509)

  • When being invited to a project, you may have received an error page instead of your project. We unanimously decided that the error page didn't fit the style of the site, and have decided to actually link you to your project for the foreseeable future instead. (#508)

  • A lack of all output variables showing up on the dashboard has been corrected by showing all output values on the dashboard. (#507)

  • If you disliked the edit chart sidebar remaining open across all spreadsheet pages, you can rest easy knowing it will now only appear on the page the relevant chart resides on. (#505)

  • If you are a page refreshing fanatic (or F5er for short), you've probably noticed that refreshing while inside a sheet breaks the sheet. This was not a feature, it was a bug and has been resolved. (#502)

  • Copying a spreadsheet block may have caused all of your data to magically disappear in the copy. Luckily, we've implemented the second half of this magic trick so that a copy of a spreadsheet block will retain all of the data from the original block. Abracadabra! (#500)

  • Spreadsheet charts now label themselves appropriately when creating more than one of any chart type. (#498)

  • If your fingers were cramping up from scrolling through the IDE's console outputs: Rejoice! The console now automatically scrolls to the bottom of any information returned from your script. (#497)

  • Setting empty cells as outputs in a spreadsheet and then being asked to remove empty output cells when leaving that spreadsheet has been streamlined by removing the ability to set empty cells as outputs. (#494)

  • Scatter charts in spreadsheets have a new iconic look now that we've added an appropriate icon next to the chart's name. (#493)

  • Setting a string as an output in a spreadsheet will now give a string output rather than trying to pretend it's an integer. (#487)

  • Resolved: Not being able to click the set outputs button in spreadsheets to perform this amazing function called "setting outputs". (#474)

  • Python and Matlab blocks now play nicer when handling integer variable types between them. (#426)

Version 0.8.3

Bug Fixes

  • Overall loading speeds throughout the site have been improved. Not quite ludicrous speed, but we're loading at about a New York minute as of now.

  • The shock wave visual effect produced by clicking on a spreadsheet chart's sidebar has been removed. If you were clicking it to the beat of your favorite tune like our dev team was, they're sad to see it go too. (#492)

  • The spreadsheet chart's sidebar can now be reopened without clicking elsewhere on the sheet first. (#485)

  • If you couldn't find your spreadsheets' output variables in the dashboard plot module, we've brought them back and given them nice labels so you know what block they're from as well. (#480)

  • While editing a spreadsheet's chart, the buttons at the bottom of the sidebar have been rounded up and will now remain within the confines of the sidebar. (#484)

  • Outputting a cell column from your spreadsheet block now gives an array with the same formatting as a cell row. This will make these arrays play nicer when connected into Python and Matlab analysis blocks. (#482)

  • If your Matlab scripts weren't running, only when you were using y as a variable name, well we picked up on that too. You can add y back to your arsenal of totally unique variable names. (#466)

  • "Test Project" is no longer listed as the project name on the collaboration page. You can feel free to admire your project's name in its place. (#483)

  • If your dashboard plot was the same after adding a numpy ndarray, your not getting deja-vu. If your dashboard plot was the same after adding a numpy ndarray, your not getting deja-vu. If your dash... weird... numpy ndarrays should now immediately display on your dashboard plot. (#444)

  • While creating outputs on your spreadsheet, those of you who accidentally hit the F5 key will find that your outputs are no longer deleted when returning to the spreadsheet. How refreshing. (#476)