Editing Blocks & Connections

After creating and connecting a multitude of blocks together, you may find the need to edit the data you initialized in some of the blocks. All blocks can be edited aside from the Requirements blocks.

To edit a block, select the block in question and click on the sidebar. This will bring up the original sidebar and dialogue boxes that were presented when you first added the block to the diagram.

Saving your edits will automatically update the block in your Block Diagram.

Connections will automatically update the variables passed between scripts. To change these values you must change the outputs from connected analysis or variable blocks.

In the case of requirement blocks, to change the values passed forward, you must currently disconnect your requirement block from its connected analysis. Upon reconnecting the two blocks, you will prompted with a pop-up that will allow you to add or remove values taken from your requirements list.

Requirement connection pop-up

Now that we've got all our blocks connected we can start implementing our code into the analysis block IDE which can be reached by double clicking on the analysis block or clicking in the analysis block sidebar.