Create New Project

Go to Projects Page by clicking on .

To create a new project select the , the following dialogue box should appear on your screen.

The New Project dialogue box is designed to help streamline the process of creating a new project file.

Project Name - Set a name for your project. All associated project files will be saved under this name.

Description - Add a description for your project. The description will be displayed on your Project's card on the Projects Page .

Add Members - Add collaborators to your project. Voyager will autofill members that are in your organization based on their username or email. You can choose to add members at a later time your project in the Projects Page .

Once created, your project will appear with all other projects you have created or are a member of on the Projects Page . These can be sorted by project name, owner name, date created, or date last edited.

By clicking on thefor your Project's entry, you can see an expanded detail view including the full project description, a list of members, recent activity, and additional edit and delete functions for that project.

After creating a new project you will be taken to the Requirements Page .